Make your new office space amazing


Save on both refurbishment and transport costs.


Moving office provides an opportunity...

Create space that truly reflects and inspires your business

Do you need additional room for growth? Or are you considering downsizing and reducing costs?
Do you wish to create the ideal workspace for your employees, or are you searching for the right location?
Moving your business is one of the most complex projects. Every contingency must be considered to mitigate any risks of disruption or delay. At Frontstage, our business and office moving procedures incorporate 90 years of experience and extensive resources to ensure that your relocation goes smoothly.

Trust our expert Team

Set your brand alive
Moving office is a chance for your brand to make its mark! We'll help you create a space that truly fits your team, culture and business. The right office design provides the right atmosphere, promotes the right behaviours, and helps your people be the best they can be!

Are you moving within your own space or moving into a new location and figuring out the best layout for the space?
Maybe you now need to make your space able to support social distancing and health safety?
Is your company downsizing or increasing staff size and needs to reconfigure space to accommodate the change?

Frontstage can help align your workspace with your business goals, by working with you, and developing space plans that can adjust to whatever changes are needed, including utilizing your current furniture into a new space.


Our Space Planning Services Include

Meet with you and your team to determine if your current assets of furniture and fittings will fulfill the desired plan and specs. 
Discuss the proposed location and designing the space and systems to ensure we are maximizing space usage to help manage real estate costs.
Ergonomic consulting—designing spaces that will utilize your current furniture and fittings where possible and support employee health and productivity whilst considering architectural features.

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Space plan validation

We align your new workspace with your business goals by working with you to develop space plans that can adjust to whatever changes are needed for the future.

With our ability to custom build or modify your existing furniture to suit the new space. Frontstage can build one off or match addition furniture required to your existing style.
Whilst retaining or recycling as much as possible we can also ‘UPGRADE’ to modern features of power / data supplies and height adjustable work areas. 

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Pricing Budget

To make the right cost effective choice, you need the best strategy; experienced teams, time, and budget are all things to consider, in making this a smooth transition.
Once the floor plans are drafted up and the scope of the move is established we will provide budget and costing required for the move. Reusing material and furnishings helps cut both refurbishment costs and transport costs, and most importantly, reduces our impact on the environment.

Relocation 7

Steps of the Move:

  • Draft the floor plan to ensure of spacing / workspaces / meeting zones / ablutions
  • Pricing for the move, utilisation of furniture and fittings replacement costs
  • Refurbish new location if required / install services
  • Supply packaging & equipment for existing items
  • Dis-assemble current set up, Modify existing furniture / manufacture new
  • Move all furniture and office equipment
  • Site installation and assembly
Relocation 15

Benefits of Office Relocation:

  • A new office setup with a more efficient workflow
  • Change of workplace, better location
  • Improving brand identity
  • Accommodate company change
  • Attracting new high-value talent
  • Increase employee productivity and performance
  • Improve the business chain

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What does the perfect office space look like to a millennial?

Be Flexible
Millennials are all about work/life balance, they want flexibility in their workspace! Millennials are happy to up their productivity and work harder if you give them the freedom to do so. Open the office early for those who want to get in early and leave early, or vice versa with leaving later. The 9-5 is lost on the younger generations and we’ll just have to get used to it. Giving millennials the opportunity to work from home is a great move too. They will produce the quality of work as long as you give them the space and flexibility to fit the schedule around their own lives.

Be Open
Open offices facilitate open exchange for creativity and productivity. They seem to be a favourite for millennials. However, there is a proportion who feel an open office is too distracting, noisy and bares pressure to socialise. Perhaps a combination of open and private working spaces would be beneficial, this way employees could have a choice. Choice for millennials will go a long way and may sway their decision to choose your company over another.

Get Techy
What does every millennial love? Technology! One of the best ways to satisfy millennials is to fill your office space with all the latest gadgets and equipment. Make sure to keep upgrading these too! High tech offices report higher levels of job satisfaction and employee retention. What millennial wouldn’t go crazy for a coffee machine that’s being run via iPad?

Office Perks
Millennials know what they want when they apply for jobs! Filling the office with perks is a must to attract and retain top talent. Kitchens, gyms gear, showers, free parking, snacks, bring your dog to work days are all ways to increase satisfaction in the office. Creating a culture of perks and a straighter line between home and work is sure to attract those millennials. Providing training programmes or access to online courses can also be attractive to millennials as they value personal development highly.

Free office layout plans with 3D CAD drawings of your furniture insitu designed by an experienced designer.

Office furniture built to your exact specifications

Comprehensive catalogue of colours and upholstery materials for you to choose from

Ready to transform your workplace?
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Receptions Lighting
Seating all Ranges Ceilings
Breakaway Areas Flooring
Custom Cabinetry Hanging Acoustic Screens
Sustainable Office Design Partitioning


Free written
You will also get 3D printed replicas of the furniture to help you see what your office can look like.
One point of contact throughout the process
We’re a close knit, family business where the owners are personally involved in seeing your project through, from beginning to end.
Installers who are also the manufacturers of your furniture.
The person installing your new furniture knows exactly how it’s meant to fit into the space you want it to go, ensuring that it aesthetically maximises space utilisation.
Full project management for office fitouts if and when required.
Our expertise doesn't stop at custom building furniture, we can project manage your entire fitout if required.
Creative solutions for
difficult spaces.
Maximise the use of your office space with custom furniture.
Get a free quote today to see how competitive we are.

A real team of experienced office interior specialists

From the reception area to the back office, we required a unique design that would unify our company image.

Frontstage had the ability to provide interactive CAD layouts and the use of a 3d printed layout enabled a fun way to collaborate with the staff and management in building our new office space.

Being able to view different configurations by moving pieces around made conceptualizing how to use the space simple and helped speed up the decision process.

Andrew Radcliffe, Founder and CEO,
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